Coach Pastner talks to Andy Demetra following the NIT Championship game.


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Coach Pastner, Quinton Stephens and Josh Okogie speak to media following NIT semifinal victory over Cal State Bakersfield at Madison Square Garden.

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Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner talks to local media about the NIT, the Yellow Jackets's season to date, etc.

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Coach Pastner previews Tuesday's NIT matchup wth Ole Miss and thanks Georgia Tech fans for their support at McCamish this season.

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Coach Josh Pastner addresses the media following Georgia Tech's victory over Belmont to advance to the NIT quarterfinals. The Jackets travel to Ole Miss Tuesday night. 

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Coach MaChelle Joseph previews Sunday's WNIT matchup against UCF. Tipoff at McCamish is at 5p. 

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Georgia Tech golf coach Bruce Heppler on the Yellow Jackets as they prepare for the Valspar Invitational and beyond.

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Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner looks ahead to Sunday's second-round NIT game against Belmont.

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Coach Josh Pastner speaks to media following Georgia Tech's 75-63 victory over Indiana in the first round of NIT. 

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Coach Pastner previews Tuesday night's matchup against Indiana in the opening round of the NIT. 

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Director of Athletics Todd Stansbury discusses his first 100 days at Georgia Tech with Andy Demetra. 

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Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner's post-game press conference after Tech's 90-61 loss to Syracuse.

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Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner previews Saturday's Yellow Jacket game at Syracuse, the regular season finale for both teams.

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